Human Vocals

Human Vocals has recordings of actual people singing the songs, with words. You can play these on your computer or device.  Not all songs have a vocal track provided.

Music for the season beginning January, 2020
Song Title Key Director’s
All the Way HomeE JW Pepper 
Come Dance and SingF JW Pepper 
Fly Me to the MoonC JW Pepper 
I Shall Keep SingingG   
Lake Isle of InnisfreeDb JW Pepper 
Rise and ShineD JW Pepper 
Steam HeatEb JW Pepper 
Until We Meet AgainG JW Pepper 
Water is WideG JW Pepper 
Will There Really Be a MorningC   
Yo le Canto todo el DiaEm JW Pepper 

In the table above:

Key is the key signature for this song.

Director’s Notes have any changes or comments your Director has about how to sing this song.


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