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Welcome New Singers!

Sheet Music
Feel free to 3-hole punch your sheet music and to markup notations on the sheet music with pencil (no pens, please!).  After the last performance, erase the markups before turning in the sheet music for the library and future reuse.  Bring cleaned up sheet music to turn in at rehearsal in the subsequent term.
Choir Binder (optional)
Choir binders to hold sheet music are lightweight and have a hand strap for one-handed use and may be purchased online (e.g.,  Using a regular black binder is fine, too.
Concert Attire
Our concert attire is black pants and a long sleeved black top. If the weather is very hot we can wear short sleeves. We each wear a pastel, satin scarf (light pink, dark pink, light blue, light green, blue, and light purple) which you can order from Amazon.
Fragrance Policy

Our choir has a fragrance-free policy. Because some members are sensitive or allergic to fragrances, it is important that members refrain from wearing scented products to rehearsals or performances.